Heavy rock has had a love affair with pop-art illustration from its beginnings in the late 60s. By the early 70s, it had reached proportions as epic as the music itself, with Roger Dean's image-defining series for Yes and Uriah Heep being perfect examples.

The Lizards happily continue that grande tradition of classic rock. Our Lizard characters were established dramatically on our first cd and continue through our new release. We would like to give proper credit to the fantastic artists who have served the cause of creating our visual Lizard-lore...

Rick resides on the Lower East Side, in New York City. Perhaps best known for his amazing airbrushings on Harley choppers and helmets, Rick also did many spectacular guitars for Ibanez in the early 90s. Rick covered Lizard bassist Randy Pratt's house walls with beautiful murals based on the MARS ATTACKS theme.

While there, the two conceived what has become a prevailing theme for The Lizards.Rick did art for the front and back of The Lizards first and second cds The Lizards and RULE and the front cover for their third studio cd COLD BLOODED KINGS. He most recently did the artwork for REPTILICUS MAXIMUS.

The Lizards

David was born in New York City, 1954. He attended the High School of Music & Art and received a B.F.A. from the Kansas City Art Institute in 1975. He has exhibited worldwide since 1976. His artworks are in the collections of the Museum of Modern Art, The Metropolitan Museum of Art, The Brooklyn Museum of Art, The New Museum of Contemporary Art, The Hirschhorn Museum of Art, and The Smithsonian Institution, as well as many other museums, corporate and private collections around the world. His artworks have been reviewed in Art In America, Art Forum, Art News, Artnet, Art Business News, The New York Times, The Chicago Tribune, The NY Observer, The Chicago Sun-Times, Newsday, The New York Daily News, and The Village Voice.

He has taught art at Yale, Oberlin, Middlebury, R.I.S.D., S.C.A.D., Hunter, Washington University, Parsons, and many other art schools across the country and around the world in France, Korea, Mexico and Japan.His father was the legendary illustrator, Norman Saunders (1907-1989), whose most memorable works include paintings from the infamous MARS ATTACKS trading card set, a sentimental parody of which is featured on the cover of The Lizards - AGAINST ALL ODDS. To find out more, visit www.davidsaunders.biz or www.normansaunders.com

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